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Craig A. Johnson

Marty Tennant sent me the following note acknowledging my posting of 
his message to Cyber Rights and another list posting.

He is absolutely correct.  Traditionally, the FCC has not regulated 
"enhanced" or information services.  It is now being asked to do so 
by the bill language in the draft conference report.  This is 
contrary to what appeared in House bill language, which guaranteed 
equal access and interconnection to unbundled network components and 
services to telecom *and* information service providers.

I will post the draft letter he suggests sending to Congresspeople in 
another message.

 Date:       Mon, 15 Jan 1996 
Sender:     •••@••.••• (Marty Tennant)
Subject:    Action Alert - Telecom Dereg Bill

Thanks for the kind words and the actions to back it up.  I have sent
paper letters to the main players on the Conf. Cmte. and to the
President.  We need every state to do the same to their elected reps.

If people want to see information service providers be put under the
thumb of the FCC, read the conference committee provision carefully

>"(a) ELIMINATION OF BARRIERS. Within 15 months after the date of
>enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1995, the Commission (FCC)
>shall complete a proceeding for the purpose of identifying and
>eliminating, by regulations pursuant to its authority under this Act
>(other than this section), market entry barriers for entrepreneurs
>and other small businesses in the provision and ownership of
>telecommunications services and information services, or in the
>provision of parts or services to providers of telecommunications
>services and information services.

Since when does the FCC have any jurisdiction over information service

Incredibly, this section of the rewrite anticipates this.

Just another crazy part of this mess.  ISP's and anyone that thinks
they might like to make a buck in the communications/computer future
should be chilled to the bone.


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