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Discussion of this issue should address the following issues as well as those 
already raised: 
- the cost per packet of billing and metering on a packet basis versus the 
cost of transmitting a packet 
- how to address the pricing that is implied when you combine the ratio of 
video bandwidth to email bandwidth with an estimate of what consumers are 
willing to pay for video bandwidth.  Example: if guaranteed T1 (and higher) 
rates are priced low enough to fit within the entertainment budgets of 
households, why bother with the email fees for intermittent low-volume email? 
I don't think the answer is easy and these sketchy two points are only part of 
the picture. 
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In reply to the entire bandwidth/lack of bandwidth....Wired magazine
published an article in their first year of publication on so-called,
"Dark Fiber", all the Fiber infrastructure that is in place and not
being utilized at all or  to its full potential, and furthermore described a
relatively inexpensive solution to utilize the Dark Fiber, as a
solution to the perceived bandwidth crisis.  We don't always have to
work in crisis mode, we can come up with some creative alternatives.
There's plenty of creativity out there among our list membership, let
alone the entire Internet....let's get with it people....I'll post
the exact reference, and hopefully be able to locate a URL on Wired's
WWW site with the archive, or at least their permission to repost the
article here.

Now is our time, this is our virtual place.  Time for
an Internet Tea Party! I think I've found the 'tea', anyone know of a
'harbor' to dump it in? (The 'tea' is bandwidth, and the harbor is
any outlet we can pump more packets thru, creativity is the key)
There are lots of ideas that can inexpensively be implemented to
bring bandwidth to the people without the cable and telco monopolies
taking over completely.

On a side note, I've sent off only 2 email messages to the White
House...and have received a written and signed reply from both the
President and the First Lady, on the very issues we are discussing.
To be honest, I didn't expect any type of response.  On the other
hand, I've corresponded numerous times with Senators Glenn and
DeWine from Ohio, and strangely enough, have received no reply, to
either fax, phone call, letter, or email, on these issues.  Maybe it's the
arrogance of the office, with Senator Glenn on the Senate Intelligence
Committee, we couldn't possibly know what's best for ourselves now
could we?

 And a Freshman Senator, for all his bluster, I haven't
even heard a peep from so much as a staffer from any of my
correspondence on these issues, whether fax, phone call, letter, or
email....not even a mailbot to say 'thanks!'.

At least Rep. Tom Sawyer (D-OH), to his credit has continued his
correspondence and articulated his reasons for voting as he has
on these issues.  What has been the experience of the rest of the
list members when it comes to correspondence with their elected
congress-critters?  For the record, I claim no party affiliation and
do not vote in the Ohio Primary, as it is not an open primary as in
other states.  As a country, we are a spectrum of citizens and need
not be polarized by only 2 parties.  I don't recall anything in the
Constitution about the '2-party' system.

Let the Games Begin!

David Heck

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refrain from asking...(not that I wouldn't answer thoughtfully or
tactfully :-)  Smiley for the humor-impaired!
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