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tonight i learned something which makes me laugh.  you see, i was watching,
well it was something like "inside the fbi" on pbs.  one part of it was about
that now-dead, all-american facist, john edgar hoover.  it told of his abuses
of power and provided some useful parallels for our own fight.  he was head
of the fbi through some of the agency's attempts to put down subversive and
anti-government thinking and demonstration.  like many of our enemies today,
he spoke of a need for a "moral revival" or something like that.  he warned
of "dangerous and harmful ideas" that he felt he had a mandate to suffocate.
 in fighting the american communist party, he spoke of an epidemic of thought
which he said he would stop, and unfortunatly he did.  when up against the
demonstrators of the vietnam war, that useless and hypocritical bloodbath, he
used unauthorized criminal activities to slow them down.  the list goes on.

and now our enemies too use illegal methods : they have instituted laws which
violate that same constitution that they SWORE that they would guard, and not
just when they felt like it.  they have done this more than once and don't
even understand the effect of their own laws, and i'm not just being
figurative.  this facisism has got to stop, and we all know how.  as i've
said before, we all need to work together  to create our press release, and
to tell our senators and representatives that we either don't like them and
don't want them, or that they need to try just a bit harder, as they
currently aren't helping us a damn.  you can contact them at their email
addresses or their local offices.  just tell them your thoughts for now, and
please send those same messages to our mailing so we can start building our

and although i know this sounds funny, i would like for you, andy, to mostly
post the stuff from our group, and to have less cross-posting.  this group is
for building a consensus and having intelligent and high-blood-pressure
discussion, and is less about just sitting back to take in what the moderator
feeds us, or atleast that's the way things stand now.  and that's the way i'd
like it to stay.  for non-input mailings, we can look to freematt's and the
cda bulletin list.  this list has been filled mostly with discussion from our
own, although certainly not many of us!

come on.  if there really are about 500 of us as someone said, then why do we
hear from only 5 or 6 of us?  write!  write!  WRITE!!!

and another thing about the personal attacks.  since it wasn't clear who
exactly wrote that response to richard's response, and sinse i don't feel
like looking for the original letter (i am not lazy! it's a freakin' jungle
in there!  you can't make me go in there!) we'll just call him #.  # has
resumed the attack on socialism.  let's just get a number of things straight
: 1, this is *not* a j e hoover fanclub, so some people might disagree with
you.  and 2, socialism is not the tool of the devil (that would be barney).
 capitalism and socialism are good ideas which could be used for good, but
which instead have been used to make a few people into kings, no matter their
official titles.  in both cases, both methods were characterized by the
qualities that instead their ruling governments embodied.  besides, that's
not anywhere near our subject, so shut up.

and in response to #'s response to my response to #'s response (we have got
to stop this), # started down the road telling us about his market economics
vs. government regulation theories, almost none of which had anything to do
with what is really, currently happening, so shut up! shut up! shut up!  that
wasn't what i was asking about, so that's annoying.  i meant about our *real*
subject.  and the parts of that which pertained to cyberights (remember that?
 hm?) we should discuss.

like i said before, the government must get out of our tvs and computers and
go carress john edgar hoover's gravestone.  no facists allowed!




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