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Fellow subscribers!

I would like to invite all of you to participate in my
research on the emancipatory and democratizing potential
of New Media.
Please visit this WWW-page to fill out a questionnaire:

(OR: request an email-version from •••@••.•••)

The questionnaire deals with the impact of New Media on
individuals and society, in connection with relevant
characteristics of New Media to change information and
communication behavior.

! This is NOT a survey about personal characteristics in the
use of New Media !

This questionnaire is directed at people who are actively
involved with New Media in various fields. Accordingly this
message is distributed to a selected set of lists and
newsgroups. Therefore it can happen that some people receive
this message more than once.

This study is pursued at the INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES
(Department of Sociology) in Vienna. It is part of my doctoral
research on 'Emancipation and democracy under the conditions
of New Media'.
The data gained will be used for this purpose only.
Results will be presented on the IAS-Sociology-Page, as soon
as they are available.

Feel free to contact me.
Rupert Schmutzer

Rupert Schmutzer
Institute for Advanced Studies
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