cr> Modem tax returns (revisited)


Craig A. Johnson

This message was sent to me by Brock.  It illuminates some of the 
issues he has uncovered tracking this story.  The situation seems to 
be rapidly developing, and anyone who wants to protect reasonable Net 
access rates ought to start getting on the stick and thinking about 


Date:          Tue, 5 Mar 1996 09:21:12 -0800 (PST)
From:          "Brock N. Meeks" <•••@••.•••>
Subject:       Re: (Fwd) RE: Modem tax returns?
To:            "Craig A. Johnson" <caj>

The concern is that ISP's are using the resources of the local loop,
thus, it doesn't many any difference if the ISP goes out of state or
not, they (the FCC) wants them to pay a "fair" rate for using those
facilities.  That means charging by the minute or some other means.  

In addition, most "mom and pop" shops resell their access from a big
provider, and those big providers are going to be hit with the cost
increases and that will flow to the "little guys," drivign up their

The FCC has worked all this out on paper.  They have *acknowledged*
the blood letting, just as a general factors in the casualty rate of a
major battle.  Cold hearted?  The FCC sources say, "It's going to
happen anyway..." and this just moves the process along.  No, I'm not
joking, this is thought that was expressed to me.

How it all shakes out?  Who the hell knows.  The FCC is serious about
this as are the Bells.  Laugh it off and you get stung.



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