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Richard Moore

From: Gary Weston <•••@••.•••>
To: •••@••.••• (Richard K. Moore)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996


I have no direct involvement with telecom politics with the exception
that as a card carrying member of the ACLU, I'm very much concerned with
the loss of our various and sundry rights, not the least of which is the
freedom of expression we still retain through the internet.

I, like you, however, am pessimistic about the future of the net as a
means of untrammeled communication among individuals and groups.  I don't
believe that such a potential source of revenue of many types is going to
remain free for long.  For example, I now pay only $17.50 per month for
unlimited access time to the net.  That comes with a local telephone
number so I don't even get nailed for toll charges.

I expect that the smaller ISPs will be squeezed out, and that, as you
mentioned, the adds will be free but the communication, such as it will
be, will be by the minute.

The other aspect of this that bothers me is that there is absolutely no
question in my mind that the NSA, CIA, FBI, and god knows who else are
busy monitoring anything they can monitor.  I don't know that I've added
anything to my file with any federal agency since I've been on the net,
but I suspect it could happen if some of my traffic containing a key word
or two happened to be picked up in a random sweep.  While there doesn't
appear to be much we can do about the snoops, it is worth trying to get
our elected representatives to hold off the monopolies for a while.

I live in Petaluma, by the way.

Thanks for your reply, and keep biting at the bastards' ankles.


Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996
Sender: John Whiting <•••@••.•••>
Subject: NY bans computer porn to minors

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DATE:   23/01/96 17:24

RE:     NY bans computer porn to minors

Uncredited story in this morning's SF Chronicle:


Albany, N.Y. - New York's Legislature completed passage of a bill
yesterday that would make it a punishable offense to send porno-
graphic materials to minors over computer networks.  Governor
George Pataki is expected to sign it.
  The legislation would regulate only pornography sent to minors
by e-mail or other direct means, not pornographic material posted
for general viewing.  But it also outlaws generally posted Web
sites or chat groups that make deliberate, specific efforts to lure
children into viewing pornography.
  Some online services argued that the measure would mire them in
legal battles or force them into being censors.  Several civil
libertarians said the measure is too vague and would undermine
First Amendement rights to free speech.


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