CR Library Updates (1/15/96)


Henry Huang

In an attempt to impose some sort of logic on the directory structure,
I've changed the name of the directory where the Cyber-Rights Library
is located.

>>From now on, you should use these URL's to access it:

The old URL's will still work, but officially these are the ones I'm
going by.

I'm also restructuring the Web page as well, with mixed success.
I've been trying to update portions of the page for a while now,
but I can't seem to keep up with all the info.  I'll probably go
trolling for some Web help soon, so keep your eyes peeled for an


The following file has been added to the Cyber-Rights Library:


A "rubber stamp" form letter which Phil Zimmerman has apparently
been using to auto-reply his mail has been filed as:


It looks like a cross between a PGP FAQ and a personal FAQ, including
info on his legal troubles, his E-mail addresses, and how to reach him
for consulting.  An extract follows:


Hello.  Thanks for your email.  I hope you don't mind getting a form
letter reply.  I get so much mail these days.

Let me give you some rubber-stamp answers to some frequently asked
questions about PGP(R)--


10) On January 11th 1996, my lead defense counsel, Phil Dubois, was
    informed by William Keane, the federal prosecutor on my case, that
    the criminal investigation against me has been dropped, and that
    I won't be prosecuted.  For three years, I had been the target of
    a US Customs criminal investigation to determine if I violated
    federal export laws for cryptographic software when I released PGP
    for free in 1991.

    If you want to read some press stories about this case, see the
    following references:




The Cyber-Rights Library archives documents and informational postings
relevant to our campaign.  It is accessible via FTP or WWW at:

The Cyber-Rights Web page is located at: