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Craig A. Johnson

Date:          Thu, 08 Feb 1996 17:32:52 -0500
From:          Dave Farber <•••@••.•••>
Subject:       IP: brooklyn iling on CDA

And the text of the separate complaint filed in Brooklyn today
challenging the CDA provisions restricting online speech about
abortion may be found at

A link at the same site indicates that the U.S. Attorney for the
District conceded at this morning's hearing that the challenged
provision is unconstitutional.

"'On April 26, 1968, the defendant was observed in the Los Angeles County
Courthouse ... wearing a jacket bearing the words "Fuck the Draft" which were
plainly visible.  There were women and children present in the corridor.'"
Cohen v. California, 403 US 15, 16 (1971)  ||  Mark Eckenwiler •••@••.•••

and I looked up and added the following (why should I trust the next US
Attorney? djf

Department of Justice Pledges Not To Enforce Abortion Language (February 8,

     At a hearing to consider a temporary restraining order, the U.S.
Attorney stated that the Department of Justice will not prosecute violations
of the new abortion information restrictions. 


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