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The Internet Liberation Army - what a wonderful vision! I can see
already the massive congressional appropriations to fund
infiltration, internal dissent, and ultimately the armed
destruction of real or imagined headquarter sites. Come back
Patti Hearst, we need you.

Now, a Virtual Internet Liberation Army, or dozens of them,
having no substance but a floating software node - that's
something else. Perhaps a Robin Hood virus, which attacked only
the greedy . . .

John Whiting


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>       By its very nature, it must be a secret society, closed to the
>thousands of spies they will send to join it. On the technical end, let's
>make every regulatory technology and means a very expensive battlefield, so
costly that each battle won will make them more reluctant to fight the next.
 On the political end, let's develop forms-based mailers that get our message
out all across the net to our supporters, and get their
>message back to Congress and the regulators.  Let's fight the modem tax with
all our means>>

okay a secret society.  this does not speak of a democracy.

imagine for a moment that it does, though:  who chooses who joins and who is
in on the secret?  is this not just another kind of regulation?



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Subject: cr> Internet Boston Tea Party!

All this talk about money-grubbing, tax-revenue-hungry
legislators....It smacks of greedy, power-hungry, abusive
bureaucrats, legislators, staffers, billionaire political donors, and
information robber-barons (ie:WESTLAW comes to mind) all intent
on euthanizing the infant Net markets and communities.
"Death by taxes"?
Doesn't this amount to a modern-day equivalent of
'...taxation without representation..', or a modern-day equivalent of
the despised and hated Stamp Tax?  It seems as if our elected and
unelected, self-appointed tax-collectors have forgotten their
history.  Let me bounce this off the rest of the list membership:

What about a modern-day "Internet 'Boston Tea Party"?  Organize from the ground
up, and collectively dump the 'tea' into the 'bay'?  What shall we
choose for the 'tea', and from where shall we select the 'bay'?
Something that will make them hurt, and somewhere where it will be
seen, something that will be plainly understood by all.

Do we still have any modern day Patrick Henry's and the Net
equivalents of the 'Sons of Liberty?'  What about a combined effort
between VTW, CPSR, EFF, GovAccess, EPIC,CATO,NFIB and any other
approriate listservs, and newsgroups, software/hardware companies,
professional organizations, individuals, and ISP's?

 We have some great organizational and strategist
types lurking on our lists, any takers?   Can we overlook the egos,
the hair-splitting, attention-jockeying, turf-battles, and hurt feelings,
to accomplish a decisive victory?

This threatens all of us, not just those of us already online.  Those who
come after us will have to live with this, and we'll either be
suitably ignored, blessed , cursed, or worse: imprisoned and silenced.

Liberty is Ours, including economic freedom, don't let it be taken,
or worse yet given away!!

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