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Richard Moore

Date:         Mon, 15 Jan 1996
From: Steven L Clift <•••@••.•••>
Subject:      NEW: MN-DEMOCRACY - Minnesota E-Democracy Updates
To: Multiple recipients of list NEW-LIST <•••@••.•••>

MN-DEMOCRACY on •••@••.•••   Minnesota E-Democracy

   MN-DEMOCRACY - Minnesota E-Democracy Announcements and Updates

   Minnesota E-Democracy is a non-partisan citizen-based volunteer
   project, whose mission is to improve Minnesota's democracy through
   the use of information networks.  It seeks to increase citizen
   participation in elections and public discourse through online civic
   forums and collections of important information.

   This list announcement is part of a longer release.  With the release
   is an archive of MN-DEMOCRACY and MN-POLITICS postings and other
   project information.  Location on the World-Wide-Web:

   The new MN-DEMOCRACY e-mail list provides announcements and project
   updates from Minnesota E-Democracy.  MN-DEMOCRACY is a one-way e-mail
   list that will have no more than four (4) postings a month.

   To receive periodic updates from Minnesota E-Democracy, send an
   e-mail message to  •••@••.•••
   In the text portion, write:

      subscribe mn-democracy

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