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Henry Huang

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The Privacy International announcement of the Big Brother Paper
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A GovAccess essay on online presidental debates has also been added.
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An extract follows:



Happy Solstice.  It's [almost] 1996 - election year.

Let's get to work - on becoming *informed* participants in the process of
our own governance.  This GovAccess initiates a new GovAccess thread --
"prexy" -- concerned with an effort to initiate and conduct *modern*
presidential debates (i.e., on the record, *online*) by those who propose
to lead us into the 21st Century.

This outlines the proposal.  Future GovAccess.2xx.prexy issues will give
updates, progress reports and further details -- such as the phone and fax
numbers of the major presidential candidates' campaign managers.

Pushing together, WE can make this happen.  Let's do it!


It's Time for Online Debates by Prexy Candidates - YOU Can Help Make It Happen
Usenet Newsgroups - The Public's Largest, Nonproprietary, Nonprofit Free Forums
        [A hyperbrief tutorial for those not already familiar with Usenet]
Getting Usenet Newsgroups by Email - for the Net-Impaired
For More Details About Usenet
[Lest we repeat the past] Legislating Ignorance - Making 'pi' = 3.2, by Law


It's Time for Online Debates by Prexy Candidates - YOU Can Help Make It Happen

[This is appearing as my January " futures" column in MicroTimes, a
computer periodical with ~230,000 monthly circulation.  My January
"Government Access" column in BoardWatch addresses the same topic,
circulation ~100,000.




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