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Craig A. Johnson

Date:          Fri, 01 Mar 1996 14:06:37 -0500
From:          Dave Farber <•••@••.•••>
Subject:       CIEC Court Challenge Update
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       Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition Update -  2/28/96


      ** Internet Users vs. Reno -- the Fight to Protect the Net **

1. The Coalition continues to grow!

Over 2000 Individual Internet Users have joined CIEC as of 2:00 pm ET
Wed 2/28. The coalition is growing at a steady rate of 100 per hour. 
Thanks to everyone who has already joined.  You can find out more by
visiting the CIEC home page (URL below).

2. Schedule of Events:

Feb. 26, 1996   --  CIEC Files Complaint in Philadelphia Federal

March 1, 1996   --  CIEC to file request for Preliminary Injunction
against the
                    Communications Decency Act

March 15, 1996  --  Government will file reply to CIEC P.I Request

March 21 - 22,  --  Evidentiary Hearing for Plaintiffs (ie. live
                    Both the CIEC and ACLU cases will be heard
                    together on

April 11 - 12   --  Hearing in which Government presents its side of
                    including witnesses and any other evidence.

A decision will be announced by the court sometime after mid-April.
Regardless of who wins this first round, the case is certain be before
the court soon.

3. For More Information:

For more information on the CIEC challenge, including the text of the
complaint and information on how you can join the fight:

* World Wide Web                      -- * General Information about CIEC      --     
  •••@••.••• * Copy of the Complaint               --       


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