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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996
Sender: "David E. Anderson" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: censorship and the mainstream

When I read about some conflicts over censorship in schools, I was shocked.
Many of the social control extremists objected to the very notion of teaching
children to think critically.  They wanted to teach "just the facts" and
nothing else.   I think many in the Christian Coalition and the Family Rights
Coalition favor this line.  We won't reach these people by appealing to their
allegiance to "the free exchange of ideas" because they have none.  We somehow
have to convince everyone else THIS is the crux of the conflict, rather than
the freedom to own pornography.

Most of us wouldn't stand up to defend porn, but we ARE angered by American
Ayatollahs and Morality Brigades.  The country will become very angry when it
finally understands social control requires spying on everything we read or
do.  That's the message we have to convey.

There's an old answer to CDA: "This is America, buddy... It's a free country,
so mind your own business."  We lose if we imply the public would support us
if they only understood how cool science fiction is.

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