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Let's see who the players are, as identified by Mike Godwin:

 1) _The National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families._
Formerly the National Coalition Against Pornography, this organization
renamed itself last year, perhaps in anticipation of its legislative
compaign against online "indecency" (a broader category than pornography).

 2) _The National Law Center for Children and Families._ This orgnization
was formerly headed by antiporn activist Cathy Cleaver -- it is now headed
by Bruce Taylor, formerly a prosecutor specializing in obscenity cases and
formerly the general counsel of a an antiporn group based in Phoenix,
Arizona, and founded under the name "Citizens for Decency through Law."
The organization was founded by Charles Keating, himself a veteran of the
Attorney General's Commission on Pornography (a.k.a. the Meese

 3) _Enough is Enough!_  Presenting itself as a secular effort, this
organization provides a platform for former party girl and ex-No
Excuses-jeans model Donna Rice-Hughes, who has leveraged her fame from the
Gary Hart candidacy into a career as an antiporn activist. (With almost
suspiciously frequent meetings with Bob Dole.)

Enough is Enough is headed by Dee Jepsen, who testified about the
dangers of online nastiness at Grassley's cyberporn hearing. Bob
Chatelle from the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression reports
that Jepsen is Chairman of the Board of Regents of Pat Roberson's Regent
University, is Cochair of Washington For Jesus, and has served on the
Steering Committee of the Coalition on Revival, closely linked with the
Christian Reconstructionist movement. Reconstructionists believe that
Christians should "take dominion" and establish Old Testament law. Many
Reconstructionists openly advocate death for homosexuals, preferably by

I'd be happy to expand on the links between the religious right and the
move to regulate the Net, but Mike Godwin has already done it quite
eloquently, at:

Some additional background about Donna Rice's censorship efforts,
including recent media profiles of her:



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