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March 1, 1996

Alliance for Competitive Communications

Washington, D.C.

                     WITH "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

WASHINGTON -- The Alliance for Competitive Communications, its mission
accomplished officially closed it doors today.

The ACC was established to coordinate the efforts of the seven Regional
Bell Holding Companies in seeking passage of legislation to open the
communications marketplace to competition.

The mission was accomplished on Feb. 8 when President Clinton signed the
Telecommunications Act of 1996.

"The digital free-for-all has begun," declared Alliance Chairman Gary

"We had hoped to reach this legislative milestone in a year. It took 13
months of hard work, but more importantly it was 13 months of
unprecedented unity among the Bell companies," McBee said.

"While the Bell companies must still demonstrate to the Federal
Communications Commission that they have opened the local telephone
network to competition, that task is best accomplished individually. The
checklist was initially offered to Congress by the ACC members and I have
no doubt that each will meet it quickly," McBee said.

He noted the 14-point competitive checklist was proposed by the Bells in
March 1995, to satisfy demands by the long-distance companies that the
local network be subject to competition before the Bell companies could
compete in the long-distance marketplace.

The checklist requires, among other things, allowing local competitors
access to poles, ducts, rights-of-way, access to 911 and directory
assistance, directory listings for competitor's customers, the ability of
a customer to keep the same phone number when changing local carriers and
reciprocal compensation arrangements.

"We have come to a fair solution. The American people will benefit from
the hard work of Gary, his staff, and the representatives of the seven
companies that worked in unison to ensure passage of a bill that will
bring balanced and fair competition to the communications marketplace,"
said Phil Quigley, CEO of Pacific Telesis Group, and chairman of the CEO
group overseeing the RBOC legislative effort in 1995.

McBee, who was brought out of retirement to head the Alliance, will return
to California where he makes his home in San Diego.

The Alliance's internet site known as, which was used as a
resource by as many as 40,000 visitors a week will be deactivated, but its
electronic files will remain available through the end of 1996, the
Alliance members announced.

The Alliance for Competitive Communications comprised the seven Regional
Bell Companies Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, NYNEX, Pacific Telesis
Group, SBC Communications Inc., and US WEST.


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