cr> ACLU seeks restraining order


Craig A. Johnson

The ACLU will go to court today after the President signs the telecom
bill (11:00 AM EST) in order to seek a temporary restraining order
against the "indecency" provisions of the act.  A press release and
packet will be available at the ACLU Web site -- 
<>.  CPSR's Web site will also have links to the 
ACLU site as well as to other relevant sites.

The organizations involved in the ACLU suit are:  ACLU, Human Rights
Watch, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Electronic Frontier
Foundaton, Journalism Education Association, Computer Professionals
for Social Responsibility, National Writers Union, Clarinet,
Institute for Global Communictions, Stop Prisoner Rape, AIDS
Education Global Information Service, Bibliobytes, Queer Resources
Center, Critical Path AIDS Project, Wildcat Press, Justice on Campus,
Brock Meeks, Cyberwire Dispatch, The Safer Sex Web Page, The Ethnical
Spectacle, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Descriptions (bios) of the plaintiffs should also be available at
the ACLU site today.  CPSR will link its site to these materials as

Please direct any questions or comments  involving CPSR involvement
in the ACLU suit to CSPR Executive Director Audrie Krause
<•••@••.•••> (Palo Alto)  or to myself, Craig A. Johnson
<•••@••.•••> (Washington, D.C.) , Karen Coyle
<•••@••.•••> (San Francisco), and Coralee Whitcomb 
<•••@••.•••> (Boston).



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