CPSR: Censorship protest continues [cr-951216]


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995
From: "Audrie Krause" <•••@••.•••>
To: "Multiple recipients of list •••@••.•••"
Subject: Censorship protest continues

CPSR Activists and others -

The Internet censorship protest is continuing, and appears to have a
broad base of support.  Please continue to write, phone, fax and
send e-mail to Congress and especially to President Clinton.

As you know, the Internet censorship issue is part of a larger piece
of legislation that would dramatically deregulate media and
communications activities in the United States.  Powerful interests,
including local and long distance telecommunications companies,
cable and broadcast television, the entertainment industry, radio,
the press and electronic communications interests, all have high
stakes in this legislation.

But so do all of us as citizens.  Censorship of the Internet is only
one of the issues CPSR is concerned about, but it is a big one.  And
because there is a broad base of support for free speech, there's a
chance Congress and President Clinton might listen if enough of us
speak up right away.

Congress is expected to be in session for one more week. If deals
that have been cut are not completed, signed, sealed and delivered
by Dec. 22, they're likely to fall apart and not get revived again
next year because of the election.

Legislation like H.R. 1555 and S. 652, the telecommunications bills
now being resolved by a joint Senate-House conference committee,
involves numerous, complex and often ugly trade-offs, agreements and
concessions. Although telecom *reform* has been a big issue this
year, it is now a side issue to the bickering between Clinton and
Congress over the federal budget, which in turn is related to another
series of complex and often ugly trade-offs, agreements and

Given all this, there's a chance we can have an impact if we act
right now.

Please continue to send e-mail, postal mail and faxes to President
Clinton and your representatives in Congress, and if you can spare
the time, phone their offices, as well.  Unfortunately, while e-mail
messages are certainly the easiest way to communicate our concerns to
our elected officials, it seems that the easier technology makes it,
the more dismissive our elected officials are of what they hear.  So,
to make sure they listen, contact them by phone, fax or postal mail.

Capitol Switchboard:    (202) 224-3121
Connects caller to all members of Congress

President Clinton:      (202) 456-1414 Phone
                        (202) 456-1111 Comment Line
                        (202) 456-2461 Fax
E-mail:                 •••@••.•••

CPSR's message:         Just Say No to Censorship!

Please also continue to share CPSR's letter to President Clinton and
Congress with others.

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