Contacts with traditional media [cr-95/11/20]


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(I am attaching this post to give an example of an activist strategy that
is working for me.)

        The newspapers in my area all now have an email address. Thye
don't invite it to come in; it is just put there. So.....
        I use it. The Texas City Sun (there is a sun in Toxic City, as
some know it.) editor is one to whom I have begun sending news items.
Started it five or six months ago. After a while the editor responded,
thanking me for periodic posts, said he was putting them in an editorial
file. Food for thought.
        I have developed an online relationship with the editor. I sent
an orginal piece to him last week and he asked permission to print it.
        He has printed some of the other things i have sent.
I will send him John Gear's Top 10.
        I recommend this strategy; it works.
Don Bass
College of the Mainland

If one has the faith, why would he not take action? Gandhi,-- a paraphrase

    (Long post omitted to save space--Andy.)

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