Clinton Attacks Congress Telecom Bill (from EDUPAGE) [cr-95/11/01]


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President Clinton has attacked the bill (now in a House-Senate conference
committee) that would drastically overhaul the nation's telecommunications
laws and encourage greater competition among local phone, long-distance and
cable TV companies.  The President objects to provisions that would allow
regional Bell companies to enter the long-distance market before the Justice
Department determines they are facing real competition in their own local
markets; deregulate cable TV rates; allow telephone companies to buy as much
as 49% control of local cable television companies; and relax restrictions
that prevent a company that owns a newspaper from acquiring TV and radio
stations in the same city.  (New York Times 28 Oct 95 p17)


Follow-up from moderator:

In another posting today, I saw a quote from Clinton specifically
criticizing media concentration because it "could reduce the diversity
of news and information available to the public."  This is precisely
the point being made by public interest groups, and why the telecom
bill is an important issue.


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