Censorship installed at Compuserve [cr-951227]


Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995
From: Joe Shea <•••@••.•••>
Subject: The American Reporter, No. 188

Thought:  Censors multiply like rabbits.

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from Boston-Online

                        by American Reporter Staff

        BOSTON -- CompuServe, the highly profitable subsidiary of H&R
Block that provides Internet access to some 3,000,000 Americans, on Friday
became the first of the major online services to deny customers access to
groups on Usenet that focus on sexual matters.
        A confirmation of the new policy is contained in a message from
CIS Feedback, the company's customer saervice link, reproduced below.
        In response, an outcry against the censorship policy erupted on
Boston Online, a mailing list largely concerned with Boston-area
discussions.  The response, collected by American Reporter Correspondent
Simson Garfinkel, are provided for republication free of charge.

        #: 58038 S2/Internet News
            23-Dec-95  23:24:58
        Sb: #Censorship
        Fm: Mark Shannon 71672,54
        To: all

        Well, it's happened, CompuServe has made the decision not to
provide full access to the Internet for its members. This decision was
made with out any warning and or announcements to it's membership. We now
have access only to areas deemed appropriate by CompuServe or its
censors.  CompuServe claims membership of 3,000,000-plus users. In
conversation with customer service, I was informed of changes in laws
which govern what they can provide to their members. This was not
supported with any factual data. I was also given the old one about
children gaining access to areas they should not have been.



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