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> I am teaching an undergraduate course on cyberspace.  anybody
>knows a good book that covers all the technical, policy, and implication
>let me know.
>thanks for your help.

hi I know of an excellant book which I will use if my course proposal to
the law schools in Boston is accepted. It is Thorne,Huber and Kellogg's
BROADBAND LAW. I'm curoius to hear more about your course. please respond.



        Just in time for of Bill Gates house.

The long-awaited treatise by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates goes on sale next
week, and critics are pointing out that publication of "The Road Ahead"
coincides with increasing concern over Microsoft's ability to maintain its
dominant status in the face of new technological capabilities made possible
by the World Wide Web.  "The tide has turned against everything Microsoft
has built," says Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future, who hastens to
add that he has not read the book.  The book will be marketed along with a
CD-ROM that includes video clips of Gates's speeches and a tour through his
new home, among others.  (Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 95 B2)
(from Edupage)

Don Bass

"Pride is the chieftest sin of all." The Parson's Tale, Seven Deadly
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