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Richard Moore

The Competition Policy Institute (CPI) is a non-profit
organization established by consumer advocates Debra Berlyn and
Ron Binz.  CPI will advocate state and federal regulatory
policies which introduce competition in energy and
telecommunications markets in ways that benefit consumers.  The
group's Charter is included below.

CPI's activities will be guided by a Consumer Advisory Committee
of state and national consumer advocates with expertise in
telecommunications and energy issues.  The new organization is
receiving initial support from companies that are new entrants in
local exchange telecommunications service.  CPI expects to expand
beyond the initial funding base as it takes on new projects in
energy and telecommunications.


                   Competition Policy Institute

Principles and Objectives

The Competition Policy Institute (CPI) is a non-profit
corporation established to develop and advocate policies which
will bring the benefits of competition to consumers of
telecommunications and energy services.  CPI will seek to create
a new voice supporting state and federal policies which will
promote competition in these industries in ways that benefit

The Institute will be guided by these goals and principles for
the policies it supports:

          Fair prices for all consumers;
          Increased choices of services and providers;
          Quality and reliability of service;
          Fair and effective competition; and
          Innovative policies during the transition to

CPI Activities

The Competition Policy Institute will participate in selective
legislative and regulatory forums at both the state and federal
levels and will employ a variety of methods to achieve its
objectives.  These will include, but not be limited to:  advocacy
in state and federal legislative and regulatory proceedings;
research and consumer education; and coalition building.

Advocacy:  CPI will participate in appropriate regulatory and
legislative proceedings in key states and in Washington, D.C.
This will include filing comments and presenting testimony in
regulatory proceedings, participating in negotiations, meeting
with decision-makers; and working on state and federal
legislative issues.

Research and Education:  CPI plans to affect the course of state
and federal policies implementing competition.  Research on
consumer attitudes about competition and the reverse process of
educating consumers about the possibilities and benefits of
competition will be powerful tools in influencing decision
makers.  Specific activities will include conducting survey and
opinion research, producing publications, speaking at consumer
and regulatory conferences and shaping public opinion by
maintaining a strong public image on the issues.

Coalition Building:  CPI will maintain strong ties to consumer
organizations involved in regulatory and legislative forums where
competition issues are decided.  CPI will attempt to bring
consumer groups with similar interests in telecommunications and
energy competition together to participate in proceedings.  CPI
will also actively seek to expand consumer involvement by
bringing in consumer organizations or business groups not
currently involved in the issues.

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