Community Democracy Online in Palo Alto [cr-95/10/2]


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Announcing:          The first evening meeting of the

                        Palo Alto Community Network

Topic:                      CREATING DEMOCRACY

               A Plan for Palo Alto's Electronic Communities

Speaker:                   Marilyn Davis, Ph.D.
               Palo Alto Resident and Developer of eVote

When:                 OCTOBER 10 -- Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Where:           Palo Alto Cultural Center Auditorium
                    1313 Newell Rd. at Embarcadero

Contact:   Marilyn Davis (415) 493-3631   •••@••.•••

"As the world grows smaller and our hierarchical systems prove
increasingly inadequate, we must create new, cooperative, and more
nurturing systems of human organization in cyberspace. It's our only
chance to overcome the threat of environmental and social demise."
                                         ... Marilyn Davis

Ms. Davis views our current democracies as futile attempts to
facilitate equally shared decision-making on a large scale.  She
believes that all humans share a longing for a fair system and that
cyberspace is unfolding as a manifestation of that longing.

In cyberspace, we *can* facilitate equally distributed, broad-based
decision-making ---  Should we?

As the developer of eVote, vote-serving software for online groups,
Marilyn will demonstrate a prototype of the theoretically *perfect*
community server: a web-accessible, graphical meeting package with
branching discussion trees, outline support, and user-generated

She will describe the relatively small development task this community
software requires: a synthesis of three existing software applications
-- A WWW browser/server; Participate, meeting software; and eVote.

                         * * *

The Palo Alto Community Network, or PA-COMNET, is a group of Palo Alto
area residents who share a common interest in using Internet-based
online communications to build a better community.

PA-COMNET meets continuously by means of an email list.  To join, send
an email message to •••@••.••• with no subject line but a
message that says: subscribe pa-comnet


Catch Marilyn on TV:     Palo Alto Cable Channel 6

                         Monday Oct 2  5:30pm
                         Monday Oct 6  5:00pm
                         Monday Oct 9  6:30pm

Marilyn Davis and Carl Loebner discuss the future of democracy as
aided by technology on "The Democracy Project", a series produced for
Public Access TV in San Jose.

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